Hot n sour soup noodles

Hello friends! Welcome back to my space Dish Of Delight once again.

My daughter is very much fond of soups, noodles and soupy noodles. So, instead of purchasing the ready to cook packs of soups or soup noodles, I prefer to prepare it at home for her. Though it’s an easy process of just adding water and cooking for 2 or 3 minutes, yet investing a little more time in fully preparing it at home, gives me the satisfaction of my child’s healthy eating.

So, today I am sharing the recipe of my baby’s favourite, hot n sour soup noodles.


Noodles 1/2 cup ( I prefer egg noodles but for my vegetarians friends, I would suggest the plain atta noodles)

Egg 1 optional

Garlic 3 or 4 cloves minced

Onion 1/2 medium sized finely chopped

Carrots finely chopped 2 tbsp

French beans finely chopped 2 tbsp

Green peas 1/4th of a cup

Cabbage finely shredded 2 tbsp or 1/4th cup

Vegetable stock 1 and 1/2 cups

Soya sauce 1/2 tbsp

Cooking vinegar 2 tsp

Black pepper powder 2 tsp

Corn starch 1 tbsp

Salt as per taste

Oil 2 or 3 tsp


  • Heat oil in a kadhai or wok at medium high flames. Once heated, add the garlic and sauté for 3 to 4 seconds
  • add the chopped onion and stir and cook for 1/2 a minute
  • add the other chopped veggies and stir, mix and cook for 2 to 3 minutes at this heat
  • add salt and pepper and mix well
  • add the soya sauce, stir and mix well for 1/2 a minute
  • add vinegar, mix well and then add the vegetable stock. Bring it to a boil
  • now, add the noodles mix well and cover and cook for 4 to 6 minutes at medium low flames
  • while the noodles is getting cooked, in a small bowl, take the corn starch, add 1 and 1/2 tbsp water and mix well. In another bowl, break and add the egg and beat well. Keep both of this ready
  • open cover of the cooking soup noodles, stir well and slowly add the egg by light stirring
  • finally, add the corn starch with constant stirring. Once the soup thickens switch off the flames.
  • hot and sour soup noodles is ready to be served.

Easy cheesy white sauce pasta

Hello friends! Back again with another recipe. In present days who would have not known White Sauce Pasta or pasta in white sauce. I remember the first time I had this Italian delicacy when I was a school goer. It was Dominos cheese burst pasta. Since then I always loved their white sauce pasta over their pizzas!

Today I am sharing the same pasta in white sauce recipe, making it a little easier process. Easy because I did not made the white sauce separately. Now let’s jump to the procedure.



Pasta 1 and 1/2 cup cooked, for today’s recipe I have used spiral pasta but penne pasta is generally used in this recipe.

Carrot cut into thin slices, 1/2 cup

Capsicum sliced, 1/2 cup

Onion 1 medium sized, sliced

Black olives 1/4 th cup

Garlic 4 to 5 cloves chopped 

Black pepper powder 2 tsp

All purpose flour/ maida 1 tbsp

Pasta seasoning 2 tsp

Salt as per taste

Milk 1 cup 

Mozzarella cheese grated, enough to make it cheese burst

Butter 1 tbsp

Fresh cream 1/4 th cup



  • heat the butter in a non stick pan. Once the butter melts, add the chopped garlic and sauté for few seconds
  • add the onion and carrots and toss and fry for about 1/2 a minute at medium high flames
  • then add the capsicum and again toss and fry for another 1/2 minute
  • add the black pepper powder and salt and stir and mix well
  • add the all purpose flour and mix well 
  • then add the milk little by little with constant stirring. Keep stirring until the sauce thickens to the required consistency
  • now add the fresh cream and stir and mix well
  • switch off the flames, add the pasta and mix well
  • Transfer the white sauce pasta in a microwave safe bowl 
  • spread the black olives and the grated cheese all over the pasta
  • microwave it for 2 minutes or until the cheese melts
  • your Cheezy White Sauce Pasta is ready to be served. Sprinkle the pasta seasoning on top and serve hot.

Yellow peas salad or salsa

This would be my second salsa recipe after sweet corn salsa. This time I have used dried yellow peas for making salsa. You can easily and quickly prepare this snacks when you are really craving for some tasty food but feeling too lazy to cook. It can also be a good idea to include this snacks in the ladies kitty parties!



Dried whole yellow peas 1 cup, soaked overnight and pressure cooked to 2 whistle at high flames

Onion 1 small, chopped 

Green chilli 1, chopped 

Tomato 1 small, chopped 

Capsicum chopped, 1/4th cup

Fresh coriander leaves chopped, 1/4th of a cup

Juice of 1/2 of a small lemon

Red chilli powder 1/4th tsp

Chat masala 1/2 tsp

Black salt 1/2 tsp

Salt as per taste



In a large mixing bowl, take all the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Yellow peas salad is ready to be server.

Cheese stuffed crispy potato balls

Who would not want to enjoy these cold evenings, munching on a hot crisp snacks, along with a long sip of steaming hot tea or coffee! Yes I guess hardly any. So, today I am sharing a quick and easy to make, snacks recipe. Though easy, it’s taste is such, that it will make you forget about your whole days hardship!


Potato 3 large, grated and soaked in chilling cold water along with a tsp of salt for about an hour 

Mozzarella cheese cut into cubes

All purpose flour about 2 tbsp

Black pepper powder 1 tsp

Red chilli powder 1/2 tsp

Chat masala 1 tsp

Italian seasoning 1 tbsp

Salt as per taste

Oil  2 tsp + enough for deep frying the potato balls 




  • squeeze out the water from the grated potatoes as much as you can and transfer them into a mixing bowl.
  • into it, add the all purpose flour, black pepper powder, red chilli powder, chat masala, Italian seasoning, 2 tsp oil and salt and mix well to form an even mixture. Be careful while adding salt as, you have already used some salt while soaking the potatoes 
  • Now take a small portion of this mixture and roll it between your palms to form a ball. Make a small hole in the centre of the ball and place a cheese cube in it. Now close the hole and again roll it between your palms to form the potato ball.
  • this way make balls with all the mixture. Heat enough oil in a pan at medium high flames, once hot, drop in the potato balls and fry them from all sides untill they turn golden brown in colour.
  • remove the balls from the pan and transfer them into a plate. Serve the hot crispy potato balls with some tomato ketchup and enjoy these along with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Vegetable chop

It’s mid November, the onset of winter season. This is the time when we get to see lots of fresh vegetables in the market and more number of veg dishes on our dining table. I’m a Bengali and I have noticed that people from my community  are attracted towards fried snacks like chops, cutlets, pakoras, samosas, etc., more in the winter season than any other time of the year. We enjoyed the cold evenings with a steaming hot cup of tea along with some hot fried bites. One of these snacks, is the vegetable chop or vegetable cutlet, which is more enjoyed in the winters than any other time of the year.  So, today I am writing the recipe of vegetable chop or cutlet.


Beetroot 3 medium sized, grated

Carrot 2 medium sized, grated

Potato 2 medium sized, boiled and mashed

Onion 1 small, chopped 

Green chilli 3 or 4 chopped 

Ginger 1 tbsp grated

Peanuts 1 tbsp, fried and split into halves 

All purpose flour or maida about 1 cup

Bread crumb about 2 cups 

Fennel seeds 1 tsp

Roasted curry spices powder 1 and 1/2 tsp

Garam masala powder 1 tsp

Red chilli powder 1/2 tsp

Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp

Salt as per taste

Sugar as per taste. Since this chop is a little sweeter in taste, the amount of sugar should be a little more than that of salt

Oil 1 tbsp + enough oil for deep frying the chops


  • Heat 1 tbsp oil in a kadhai at medium low flames and temper it with the fennel seeds. Then, add the chopped onion and stir and fry until it becomes translucent 
  • Now, add the grated ginger and chopped green chillies and sauté for few seconds
  • next, add the grated beetroot and carrots, add a little bit of salt and stir and cook for about 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, again add a little more salt, mix well and cover and cook untill the beetroot softens. Do not add all the salt at once
  • now, once the beetroot and carrots gets cooked well, add the mashed potatoes and mix well with other ingredients. Keep on stirring and mixing untill you get an even mixture 
  • now, add the fried peanuts and mix well. At this stage, check the salt and adjust as per taste
  • next, add the sugar, roasted curry spices powder, garam masala powder, and stir and mix well with all the other ingredients. Cover and switch off the flames. Allow the vegetable mixture to cool down completely 
  • now, in a mixing bowl, take the all purpose flour, red chilli powder, black pepper powder, about 1 tsp of salt and mix well. Now, add water little by little with constant mixing to form a thick batter
  • once the vegetable mixture has cooled down, divide it into small and equal portions of size of your choice. Then, shape these portions according to your choice. It could be shaped  like a circular patty, flattened rhombus, or like that of a capsule. I gave it the shape of a capsule, as in our place these chops are mostly found in this shape
  • now, take these chops one at a time, dip them into the batter and then, roll them over the bread crumbs. Do this process one more time, first dip into the batter and then roll over the bread crumb.
  • this way, ready all the chops and keep them in the fridge for about an hour. After an hour, heat enough oil in a deep kadhai at medium high flames. Once the oil becomes hot, reduce the flames to medium low
  • now, drop in the chop into the hot oil one by one and fry them evenly from all sides until they turn brown in colour. Take them out into a plate lined with some kitchen paper to soak in the extra oil
  • vegetable chop is ready. Serve it hot with some kasundi or mustard sauce and tomato ketchup. These cutlets can also be served as a starter.

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