Special Bengali Platter

Hello my dear friends and fellows! Welcome back to my space Dish Of Delight once again!
Today I am sharing a special Bengali style platter idea for special weekend lunch. A complete traditional bengali non veg lunch menu includes rice, dal, some vegetable fries, a vegetable curry, fish or meat or both, a chutney and one sweet dish. However, nowadays we generally do not include so many side dishes in our daily meal, but occasionally, on some special days or when we invite guests for lunch or dinner, we like to prepare such special bengali style platter.
The special bengali style platter menu which I am sharing today includes the following food items:

Recipes of ‘Tomato dry fruits chutney’ and ‘Payesh’ have already been shared in my earlier posts. To visit the respective recipe pages, please ‘CLICK’ on the items in the above list.

 Boiled Basmati rice
Potato fries
Cauliflower fries
Okra fries
Long bean fries
Pumpkin fries
Vegetable moong dal
Shorshe murgi ( chicken in mustard gravy)
Tomato dry fruits chutney

Recipes of the remaining items will be posted within a few days. Please keep visiting……

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