Natural Health drink for cough n cold

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Seasonal changes causes change in weather and thus causes reactions in our body. Weather changes usually brings lung infections, most commonly cough n cold. We dread the change of seasons from one temperature to another because of the fear of how our body will react to the weather changes. In our busy schedules, it becomes difficult for us to manage time for a medical consultation for such trifle matter. At the same time we cannot smoothly perform our daily chores with such uneasiness in our body. In such a situation, the most easiest way to tackle with this, is to take some pills which are generally taken for common cough n cold without doctor’s advice. We can avoid intake of medicines without doctor’s advice by simply trying out some natural remedies which might work wonder but unknown to us.

So, today I am sharing a health drink recipe which have worked wonder for me and my family in tackling cough n cold owing to weather changes.


A glass of warm water

Indian gooseberry or amla juice 1 tsp

Pure honey 1 tsp


Stir and mix all the ingredients and your drink is ready to take. Drink it at once in empty stomach in the morning.

Take this drink for 2 to 3 days from the onset of cold n cough. If it still prevails then consult a doctor.

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