Frozen cherry yogurt with chocolate chips

Hello friends! Welcome back to my space Dish Of Delight. Today I am sharing a healthy dessert recipe, which you can take after any meal. Frozen yogurt is always a better option over ice creams, in which you can ensure healthy and tasty eating together. Though, I cannot deny the fact that the later is more tasty, yet there are so many flavors of frozen yogurt, which has the ability to compete with the ice creams in terms of taste.

Today I am sharing one of such flavors, cherry flavored frozen yogurt. Let’s move on to the recipe.


Hung curd 1 and 1/2 cups

Cherry 1/2 cup + 4 or 5 chopped for garnish 

Choco chips 1/4th of a cup

Honey 2 tbsp or as per taste

Fresh cream 1/4th of a cup ( optional )


  • Use a blender to blend and mix the cherries along with the curd to get a smooth texture
  • transfer the cherry curd mixture into a mixing bowl. Add cream and mix well using a whisker
  • now add the honey little by little and keep on mixing with the whisker, untill it reaches the desired sweetness 
  • then add the choco chips and fold and mix with the curd mixture with the help of a spatula
  • transfer the curd mixture into an air tight container and keep in the freezer for overnight 
  • scoop out the frozen yogurt into a dessert serving bowl, garnish it with some chopped cherries and honey and serve chilled.

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